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Primevalue Ads is an Advertising Company with the sole purpose of bridging the gap between brands & influencers.

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Why Choose Us?

We know how to win

We understand what it takes to convert, our team have generated over 500k through e-commerce and understand what a quality ad should look like.

We get to know your product

We spend time with the product to identify its key selling points, collate those together and use our winning tiktok ad formula to perfect it into a quality ad.

We graduated the E-Com class

Having done the e-commerce journey and remembering the stages of using ad sites promoted by youtubers and been severely underwhelmed. We are determined to give others beginning the ecom journey to have a reliable ad supplier at an affordable price.

We offer creators from all over the world

What sets us apart from the rest is that we bring you creators from around the world. This meaning you’re brand will have full trust in each area you are advertising it.

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What we offer ?


  • If for any reason you aren’t too pleased with your UGC, we will take onboard your feedback and reproduce the content to your taste.

Quality Results Guaranteed

  • Unlike other agency’s, we solely focus on USG. This allows us to produce quality results.

Creators From Around The Globe

  • Our creators around the globe will allow you to scale your business across the waters and reach ned heights

High Converting User Generated Content

  • Our USG content follows a strict formula we created throughout the years that have allowed us to excel with our businesses.